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Mandela Produce Distribution - a project of the non-profit Mandela Partners - supports local, limited-resource farmers, using sustainable practices by establishing an alternative distribution network that passes on wholesale prices to retailers, institutions, restaurants and other mission-aligned community based organizations.

​We prioritize small family farmers that grow sustainably and are located within a 150 mile radius our food hub in the heart of West Oakland. Our customers make up a niche market that understands the importance of supporting socially disadvantaged farmers with fair pricing.


We operate as a food hub instead of a traditional produce distributor because of our deep connection to Mandela Partners’ community programs, which secure community members’ right to access fresh, affordable, and healthy food.

Operating Hours
Delivery Hours

1344 7th Street

Oakland, CA 94607


Mon - Saturday

11am - 2pm

Mon - Saturday

11am - 2pm

Tel: (510) 433-0993

Mandela Produce Distribution is a project of Mandela Partners

a 501(c) non-profit organization - learn more at  www.mandelapartners.org

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